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Anima Goli Productions

In October 2021 Anna set up Anima Goli Films with fellow filmmaker and long term collaborator Nima Shahmalekpur. The company was set up to create human and community focussed stories. We are motivated to make films which are led by those we work with and are interested in exploring the border where fiction and documentary meet.


Nima has several years of experience in the film industry as a First Assistant Director, Production Coordinator and Producer. Nima's Iranian heritage has influenced both the topics he is interested in exploring (migration and belonging) as well as his stylistic cinematic preferences as a storyteller. Nima is interested in working with non-professional actors, authentic locations, minimal editing and poetic imagery. 

Current work

Only When You Bury Me In This Earth, a short docu-fiction written and directed by Nima and executive produced by Anna, is currently in post-production and will be released later in 2022. 



An afghan refugee’s kite collides with a young boy’s toy drone in a South London park, putting him on a path towards the discovery of a truth regarding the meaning of migration and belonging to a new country.

Canción de Pilo is a short documentary film about the Venezuelan musician Pilo Moreno, directed by Anna.



Pilo moved to Europe from Venezuela with the dream of becoming a musician. When he is imprisoned in an Immigration Removal Centre music becomes his ultimate resistance, transporting him outside of the prison walls and saving him from losing himself entirely. The film is an exploration of the transformative power of music and the arts, and its ability to re-connect us with ourselves even in our darkest moments.

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