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Anima Goli Productions is a production company dedicated to making unusual films spanning documentary, fiction and the spaces in-between.

We are a London-based film production company founded by Nima Shahmalekpur and Anna Merryfield. We make independent films and provide production services for commercials. Nima has several years of industry experience as a producer in indie film, TV and commercials. Anna has a background in journalism and has produced a slate of short documentaries which have been screened internationally. She specialises in participant-led filmmaking and co-authored the guide From Contributors to Co-Producers: a guide to participatory production.

Anima Goli Productions was created to develop and produce films which we love and believe in.

Our Work

Only When You Bury Me In This Earth


Shaheen, an Afghan refugee living in London, is haunted by memories from his past. He finds peace in the making and flying of kites. One day, his peace is disturbed by what appears to be a drone attack, he is forced to once again come to terms with his trauma, the purpose of migration and the strength that is required to rebuild a shattered life.

In post production

Light the way


In this participant-led documentary, a group of migrant women overcome their feelings of isolation and powerlessness when they are trained as community organisers, using their new skills to campaign for justice.

The impact campaign for Light the Way is currently ongoing.

Canción de Pilo


Pilo moved to Europe from Venezuela with the dream of becoming a musician. When he is imprisoned in an Immigration Removal Centre music becomes his ultimate resistance, transporting him outside of the prison walls and saving him from losing himself entirely.

Currently on festival run.

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